Stainless steel ball, silicone or cloth filter: which tea infuser to choose?

Brewing the perfect tea cannot be invented. In addition to spring water, quality tea and a precise temperature, the choice of the brew group is also essential. Paper bag, stainless steel or silicone ball, equipped teapot… We’ll tell you all about these small objects that can make a great tea.

A matter of size

Experts will tell you: to taste loose leaf tea, it is indeed the size that counts. In order for the tea leaves to reveal all their aromas, they need space to unfold. Indeed, once submerged in water, the sheet will increase in volume up to 20 times! In addition, by giving the tea room to dance under the movements of the water, you let it spread all the nutrients. It is therefore essential not to overfill your brew group, but above all to choose it well.

The stainless steel ball

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The perforated or fine-mesh stainless steel balls are usually equipped with a chain or a handle for easy removal from the tea cup. Practical, you might say! But tea aficionados know: once submerged in water, these infusers are often full to bursting. Unfortunately, the size of these tea balls is not enough to allow the leaves to unfold freely to release aromas and nutrients.

The silicone brew group

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The silicone infuser is the fun cousin of the stainless steel ball. Colorful and playfully designed, it allows you to enjoy a cup of tea while splashing a dinosaur, a small bather or a whale… Despite their funny appearance, these tea infusers are not ideal. Like those made of stainless steel, they are indeed too small for the leaves to swell freely.

In addition, these gadget objects have a fairly limited lifespan. The cap quickly struggles to close tightly, allowing the tea leaves to escape. After a while, the brew group can also make your brew taste plastic. Finally, some of them contain bisphenol A (BPA), an organic compound used in plastic production and known to be an endocrine disruptor.

Disposable Paper Bags

We are not going to draw you a picture: the disposable item is a pity. While they provide a convenient solution for brewing tea, disposable paper bags are not recommended. Already for economic reasons, as this presupposes a continuous investment. Also to ease your mental burden: yes, it’s always that less to put on your shopping list. But especially for ecological and moral questions: why choose disposable when there are many sustainable solutions?

The integrated brew group

Many teapots, and sometimes cups, have a built-in infuser. The latter allows the tea to be placed directly in the infuser in the heart of the teapot without the need to filter the drink before tasting it. In glass, steel, ceramic or cast iron, the latter does not pose any health hazards and provides enough space for the leaves to reveal all their benefits. It is the ideal solution for heavy tea drinkers or families.

The textile tea filter

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The textile tea filter is made of non-chlorinated cotton and fits all teapots, but also cups. Presented in the form of a sock or a small pouch, this infuser is a good intermediate solution as it has the advantage of being reusable and much more spacious than tea infusers. Perfect for lonely tea drinkers.

And moving on, here are the 5 golden rules to follow for a perfect infusion.

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