Solidarity, Employment and Inclusion: Here are the 10 Most Influential Personalities on Linkedin

EXCLUSIVE – They are athletes, spokespersons for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, founders of associations. They are entrepreneurs or consultants. Everyone is on the list “Top votes 2022 social and humanitarian in France”† This list, compiled by the editors of LinkedIn News journalists, highlights 10 French personalities from “associative or humanitarian sectors, which strive to inform and raise awareness, to destigmatize and promote economic inclusion”† Discover the men and women who have been spotted by LinkedIn and the reasons why journalists on the social network chose them to embody the commitment this year.

Photo: LinkedIn News

Anne-Sophie Tuszynski, founder of Wecare@work

“Anne-Sophie Tuszynski, who suffered from cancer in 2011, now devotes her life to supporting sick workers in the workplace. It mainly offers employers solutions to better reconcile health and work: online coaching, training, awareness campaigns. She also shares practical advice for managing employees in vulnerable situations or taking into account the topic of chronic illness in the workplace.”

Anthony Babkine, co-founder of Diversidays

“Anthony Babkine wants to make digital ‘the social elevator of the 21st century’. Originally from Evry-Courcouronnes on the outskirts of Paris, this entrepreneur says he owes his professional success to the equal opportunities measures he has benefited from. Help that he now wants to share with as many people as possible. With Diversidays, it offers a support program for project leaders who are underrepresented or discriminated against in tech. On LinkedIn he also provides his analyzes on diversity in the digital world or the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ employees.

Arnaud Assoumani, athlete and speaker

“Without a left forearm, Arnaud Assoumani found his satisfaction in the sport very early on. Its peculiarity? Participate in athletic competitions for both the able-bodied and disabled. Five-time Paralympic medalist, he describes himself as a “dedicated athlete”. Victim of bullying at school during his childhood, he mainly goes to schools to testify and to make people aware of the importance of living together. Faced with climate change, he also wonders what the place of athletes is as bearers of solutions.

Céline Schmitt, spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

“It was in the summer of 2015, when Europe was going through one of the worst migration crises in its history, that Céline Schmitt was appointed spokesperson for the UNHCR, the UN agency responsible for refugees. His devotion was nurtured by meeting people who have dedicated their lives to others, especially in Africa. Today, while the war has driven millions of Ukrainians into exile, it warns against the plight of refugee women, reminds that many migrants lose their lives every year at sea, or even underlines the role of companies hosting refugees.”

Florence Alix-Gravellier, Vice President of the French Tennis Federation, author and speaker

“Between 2002 and 2010, Florence Alix-Gravellier was a six-time French wheelchair tennis champion and third on the podium at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games. he is now committed to sharing his vision of difference and resilience with as many people as possible. On LinkedIn, she takes a stance on disability-related issues such as disability benefits, shares her daily struggles or explains how sports have allowed her to push her limits.

Magali Thulau-Jacquemart, Head of Communications Les Restos du Coeur

“Effects of the heat wave on homeless people, national open days or pledges to presidential candidates. Magali Thulau-Jacquemart shares Restos du Cœur news on LinkedIn, for which she manages communication. If you’re interested in the topics of solidarity and poverty alleviation, you’ll also discover reading and podcast inspirations on his profile.

Maud Sarda, co-founder and director of Label Emmaüs

“There is another economy possible, that of ‘soberness’. Maud Sarda wants to show this by sharing social and solidarity economy initiatives based on her profile. Heading Label Emmaüs, a cooperative she founded to reintegrate people who are out of work by selling second-hand products, this graduate business school is campaigning for a new way of producing and consuming. She also talks about climate issues and the search for meaning at work.”

Moussa Camara, founding president of the association “Les Déterminés”

“From his profile, Moussa Camara shares the news of the association he founded, Les Déterminés, whose mission is to educate future entrepreneurs from working-class neighborhoods. Convinced that anyone who wants to should be able to take advantage of the best tools to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure, he also points out inspiring paths, free from social determinism.”

Nicolas Froissard, spokesperson and co-director of GROUPE SOS

“Initiated by the hashtags #DénonceTesHeroïns and #DénonceTesHéros, Nicolas Froissard highlights on his profile anonymous people and personalities involved in struggles such as environmental protection, feminism or the inclusion of people with disabilities. For this manager of one of the French leaders in the social and solidarity economy, entrepreneurship and innovation are the key to combating all forms of exclusion.”

Yazid Chir, Advisor to the Chairman of the Henner Group and Chairman of NQT

“This social entrepreneurship figure shares on LinkedIn around the themes of diversity and inclusion. Yazid Chir also posts news of the association he co-founded, Our Neighborhoods Have Talents (NQT), whose mission is to support young graduates from priority neighborhoods into stable and qualified employment, through mentorship.”

To compile this list (jointly!), the LinkedIn News editors worked with the goal of highlighting the content creators around various themes. Using LinkedIn’s team of creators managers, the journalists assessed the posts of numerous profiles and asked themselves the following questions: Does this user regularly post on the topic? Are his contributions up-to-date, informative and do they encourage people to respond? Has this person been able to develop and mobilize a community? Is it trying to give helpful advice instead of promoting itself? LinkedIn News has also strived to bring different voices to the fore so that the list best reflects the world we live and work in.

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