Soap, anti-fog mask, cement: scallop recycling is everywhere

In cosmetics and hygiene products, in construction or in 3D printing. It would, of course, be a shame to throw out the scallops after tasting. Because it is indeed a very upcycled dish.

The scallop can be consumed from October to May and is a classic of our French gastronomy. But his shells are not devoid of interest either. their precious anti-limestone properties and their rich sodium carbonate composition make them valuable fertilizers for our gardens, for example. Once ground, their powder is even used for making cement meant to cover the sidewalks of cities!

But that’s not the only unexpected place to find upcycled scallops. For example, the Ile-de-France company Bioseptyl offers: a toothbrush equipped with a bio-sourced plastic handle made from scallops.

In September 2021, the NES 3D printing workshop in Normandy (first French scallop fishing region) created a sensation by offering a mask specially thought to prevent fogging on the glasses when wearing a surgical mask.

NES-3D partners with the Norman company Francofil, which processes ground scallop powder in filaments. Filaments that are then recovered and used to create 3D printed objects.

In Brittany, another flagship region for scallop fishing, the shells are upcycled in the form of soap. In particular, it is found in the Savonnerie d’Armor, located in Trégueux (Côtes-d’Armor). Prized for their exfoliating properties and their trace element-rich composition, scallops are also increasingly being used in beauty products, such as oysters.

Now that you know all these uses, you might think twice before tossing your shells in the trash!

(ETX Daily Up)

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