Slovenia, an example of ecotourism

Looking for a destination “last minute” for your holidays, preferably ecotourism? Slovenia is the perfect place.

We go there for its lush beaches, its mountainous landscapes, its lakes or its famous spas… But Slovenia also stands out for its environmentally conscious commitment.. Nestled between Italy and Croatia, this Central European country promotes ecotourism, in particular through the “Slovenia Green” label, awarded to destinations and establishments that have adopted an approach aimed at sustainable tourism. In 2016, the capital Ljubljana has been voted “Green Capital” by the European Commission

And it’s easy to see why Slovenians are eager to preserve their green heritage: nearly 60% of their land is covered by forests. In 2016, the government also set up a management company and fund specifically for the protection of forests.

An example to follow in terms of zero waste

Slovenia also stands out for its avant-garde zero waste policy. And there again, Ljubljana is held up as a model. Since 2015, the Slovenian capital has one of the largest and most modern waste disposal centers in Europe, enabling it to recycle almost all of its waste (98%).

The city collects 60% of its municipal waste separately and produces less than 150 kg of residual waste per inhabitant per year (neither composted nor recycled). “The city’s commitment in 2025 is to achieve 78% separate collection and to reduce the amount of residual waste to 60 kg per year and per inhabitant”precisely Zero Waste Association.

Awareness that starts in primary school

A major awareness-raising work is also being carried out with the local population and tourists. Municipalities regularly organize free events to draw attention to the impact of waste.

But adults are not the only ones aware of the problem. From primary school, young Slovenians are taught how to properly sort their waste so that they become environmentally conscious citizens of the future!

(ETX Daily Up)

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