Ski accidents: instructors require helmets to be worn

The sudden disappearance of Gaspard Ulliel, which happened on January 19, 2022 in the seaside resort of La Rosière, in Savoie, reminds everyone of the great risks of skiing. And at a time when the slopes have become a real post-covid “redemption”, the instructors are reminding them of the importance of wearing a helmet.

“There is a kind of letting go on the track. It is a space where people feel completely free. It’s like a stress relief. † Here are the words of Fabrice Lemaire, interviewed by our colleagues from France info† Since the resorts opened, the director of the French ski school and his colleagues have been amazed to see most skiers rushing down the slopes at full speed without the slightest protection.

“Very easy, we hit 60 km/h on skis and we have no protection. […] Unfortunately, at 60 mph, if you run into another skier, it’s like jolts from car accidents. †

Fabrice Lemaire, France info

A worrying finding, especially since winter sports-related accidents are becoming more and more frequent and can sometimes be fatal. Last January, actor Gaspard Ulliel died suddenly in Savoie after a collision with another person. A few days later, this time, a five-year-old girl died after a similar accident.

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Currently, the law does not contain any instructions for wearing helmets, even though it is strongly recommended by the stations. So, in hopes of fighting these tragedies, ski professionals have only one request: that helmets become mandatory for adults and children.

Most rescuers agree with this view, believing that this equipment is essential safety at a time when skiers are more and more experienced and the ski slopes are always smoother and smoother.

A simple measure to implement and which could prevent many tragedies…

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