Shopping bags, backpacks, tote bags: this brand makes its products from recycled cotton

More than 4 million tons of clothes are thrown away in Europe every year. So why use a new material when you can give another one a second life? This is the question Anne-Sophie asked herself before launching her sustainable accessories brand Hédison. His mission? Reduce pollution associated with the textile sector and in particular that of plastics by offering responsible products and bags made exclusively from recycled materials. During a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, Anne-Sophie explains her obligations in detail and presents the new product of her brand, the folding backpack Nico. Discovery!

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Anne-Sophie, I am 28 years old and last November I launched my brand Hédison to help our planet. Passionate about fashion and design since childhood, I studied at a business school in luxury marketing in Nice before returning to Paris to study at a fashion school and work in styling. I always knew I would one day find my own brand, but the impact we have on the planet and climate change has been a major concern for me for years. According to IPCC scientists, we only have 3 years left before we reach a point of no return. Therefore, at the end of my last job in 2020, I decided to start Hédison to take my creativity to an essential goal.

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Can you introduce us to Hedison?

Before being a brand of fashion accessories, Hédison is above all a human adventure, sensitive to the problems faced by its environment. My brand offers a collection of products that are intended to be reused and made from recycled or natural materials. In this first collection we find shopping bags, isothermal water bottles and backpacks.

I wanted to create products that replace single-use products and achieve a zero-waste brand. All waste is recycled. From the product to our packaging, nothing goes in the trash† Everything is designed to be reused, recycled or composted. Our bags are carefully stored in a reusable cotton pouch so you don’t have to use plastic wrap or disposable paper for orders. In this sense, the labels woven on our bags are also made from recycled polyester.

Because minimizing our impact on the planet as much as possible is a matter of common sense, I chose it a reasoned production that respects human and animal rights† We produce our products in small quantities with staggered resupply, which allows us to minimize our environmental footprint, as well as waste.

And to complete the collection, we launched since April 19 our new bag, the Nico backpack (foldable) available for pre-order on Ulule. You no longer have to take just one bag to go on vacation or take the plane! It folds easily in just a few steps.

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A desire to produce abroad

The most important thing is not the place of production, but the way in which our products are manufactured. I have chosen to manufacture my products in India to recycle our waste before imagining a collection designed entirely in France.

Contrary to what you might think, a recycled material imported from a foreign country like India has much less impact on the environment than a fabric made from primary sources in France. Making a product from a new material unfortunately means tapping into the Earth’s pristine natural resources. This is not a viable model for our planet.

Today, France is still devoid of recycled cotton producers. That is why I have entrusted the manufacture of my bags to: the world’s leading suppliers of environmentally friendly materials† Not to mention that to this day we create so much waste that we don’t know where to put it. Many are dumped in our oceans, buried in the wild or buried underground.

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Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

Starting a business means having real responsibilities, but also having a great opportunity to find sustainable solutions.

Everyone’s commitment is essential. That is why it was important for me as a designer to think every day about the different solutions that could be achieved thanks to Hédison to reduce plastic pollution and that of textiles, which remain too high.

Single-use products are still numerous and often neglected in nature. The textile sector is a scourge for our planet. More than 100 billion pieces of clothing and fashion accessories are sold worldwide every year. Unfortunately, this figure is far from declining. And 70% of these clothes are not worn. These are things we don’t turn a blind eye to.

Hédison recycles our waste by giving it a second lifeand offers products that replace disposable products.

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Which association do you support?

Always with this desire to fulfill our obligations to preserve biodiversity, Hédison supports the non-profit organization Tree-Nation®

A tree is planted for every order shipped to reforest the regions of the world that need it most. With your help, together we help to restore forests, create jobs and support many local communities. We also offer these animals, whose lives depend on the state of their natural habitat, the chance to avoid mass extinction. If you want to plant your tree, it’s here!

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What message do you want to convey through Hédison?

As I often say, every little bit counts. It is “together” that we can make our world a better place and build a brighter future for it. Supporting a good cause can also start with the way we dress

A small step for Hédison, but a big step for the planet!

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What are the next important dates for Hédison?

Hédison will be present at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris from 1 to 7 June to propagate its values ​​loud and clear. So if you’re in the area or in Paris for the holidays, feel free to drop by! I would be very happy to meet you.

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Want to help Hédison perform for the planet? Meet here for support and contribute to the brand’s Ulule campaign† You have until May 19 to pre-order your new backpack and plant your tree.

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