Rising energy prices: 5 simple, ecological and valuable tips to save gas

The war in Ukraine is already having major consequences for the price of natural gas in Europe. So how do you lower your energy bill? Here are some simple and helpful tips that are good for your wallet (and your morale).

Insulate your interior

Do you heat with gas? Know that you can lower your energy bill by improving your interior insulation. We recommend that you opt for thermal or insulating curtains for this. Thick and blackout, they form an effective barrier against heat loss. You can also redo the joints of your openings and seal the doors with cushions. And if you’re interested, here are 5 simple and cost-effective tips to insulate your windows from the cold.

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Heat to the right temperature

In winter, we sometimes tend to overheat our house. And who says high temperature, says salt bill. So to save gas, set your radiators between 19°C and 21°C. Turn the heating down as soon as you’re gone or when the weather is nice. Sure, nothing very complicated, but you will see, you will save a lot of money!

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Reduce your hot water consumption

To save gas, do not abuse the hot water when you take a shower or do the dishes, for example. In addition, it is better to replace your daily bath (which consumes between 150 and 200 liters) with a shower (between 30 and 60 liters). Little trick that can save you a few bucks: install a water saver or a shower stopper. It’s smart and effective!

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Doing the right things in the kitchen

As soon as you cook, remember to reduce your gas consumption as much as possible. Here are some simple tips to know. First, heat water in a kettle instead of a pan. When cooking a dish, choose utensils that match the diameter of your plates. And prefer induction for faster cooking.

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change central heating boiler

Granted, there is a cost involved, but if your old boiler is more than 15 years old, it is highly recommended that you replace it. And the good news is, you can get help replacing them (learn more about these devices here). Choose a recent and efficient model, such as a high-energy gas boiler or a micro CHP gas boiler.

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Now you know how to lower your gas bill. Did you like this article? This is how you keep the heat in your home with these 5 simple, economical and ecological tips

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