Reuse, circular economy, CSR: “Everyone can sow a seed in their company”

As laws increasingly force companies to consider environmental impacts in their operations, MyTroc Pro offers a ready-made solution to make employees and employees aware of reuse. Objective: to promote the circular economy, optimize resources and boost its CSR. Explanation with Floriane Addad, founder and CEO of MyTroc.

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How can companies avoid throwing out equipment that can be used by their employees? MyTroc Pro has the solution: a digital platform with which those who say goodbye to office or technical equipment can donate it to a colleague who needs it. The opportunity for the structures of save moneyfrom reduce their impact on the environment and finally, from create social ties between employees† A winning formula driven by a company whose success has only grown in recent months.

Twice as many customers

Indeed, MyTroc is not new in the sector of the reuse of objects, but with its solution reserved for professionals, associative structures and public actors, the company has crossed a symbolic level that Floriane Addad, founder and CEO, delivers with enthusiasm: “Since January 2022, we have noticed a craze for reuse and the circular economy among companies! So much so that we went from 6 to 16 customers »† Among them are CAC 40 companies, public players and associations.

According to the founder, if MyTroc Pro knows this flight, it’s because it’s a secological and economic solution that responds to current issues”† These challenges are particularly driven by the increasing importance of environmental considerations on the part of workers. “They want to work at home but also at work” or through legislation, which now obliges companies to strive for carbon neutrality. For example, Nicolas Perrin, director of Enedis’s CSR division, claims to have reused more than 1,000 objects, or 129,900 kg of waste and 513,000 kg of avoided CO2.

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Employee Engagement

Another factor plays a role in this enthusiasm for MyTroc Pro: “the rise in prices and the shortage of materials such as wood”, explains Floriane Addad. Faced with inflation, companies must find solutions to reduce their costs. MyTroc Pro can enable them to achieve these goals. “For a large group, that is an average of one million euros saved and 450 tons of CO2 avoided per year thanks to the thousands of recycled objects »we can read in a press release from the company.

And the benefits don’t stop there. The digital platform thus constitutes a good way to create social bonds between employees“35% of platform signups within a company come from word of mouth”underlines Floriane Addad before reminding that with MyTroc Pro you also: “measuring employee engagement”† For example, customers have set up challenges via the platform. “Who participated the most, or exchanged the most or placed the most advertisements, received small eco-friendly gifts”says the CEO. “It’s a way to make the process more fun and unite the teams around reuse”

Infographics: © MyTroc Pro

The entrepreneur finally has one last message to convey: “Often a company’s registration on the platform comes from employees, especially the youngest. Of MyTroc Prowe also want to instill this idea that: anyone can sow a seed in their company† Good deeds can come from anyone. †

longing for’involve your colleagues and employees in the circular economy and reuse † Meeting on MyTroc Pro in front of experience a solution that promises to save you money

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