Repetto unveils a vegan version of its famous rice husk ballet flats

Five fruits and vegetables a day! It sounds like a dietary recommendation, but it’s actually the fashion industry’s newest diet. Today, the range of vegan alternatives to materials of animal origin is expanded to include Camargue rice husks, used by Repetto in its new pair of patent ballet flats. A first.

It’s only one step from the kitchen to the dressing room, even if you live in a duplex on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Fashion players are now competing for inventiveness to find vegan and sustainable alternatives to certain more polluting materials of animal origin. For this they turn in particular to the riches of nature – and of our plates. Pineapples, apples, grapes, mushrooms and other corn waste are now the new diet of our shoes and handbags, gradually replacing real leather.

This trend has of course not gone unnoticed by Repetto, known worldwide for its famous ballerinas. The house launches a first vegan version of its lacquered shoes… made from Camargue rice husks. A first. It is the model “Lili”, originally created for Brigitte Bardot, who today has the privilege of experimenting with this find.

To be precise, only the outsole of the shoe consists partly of Camargue rice husk, up to 5%. The rest is made of rubber. Made in Italy, the upper of the ballerina is a mixture of cotton and synthetic materials, while the insole (insole) is designed in Spain in a synthetic leather textile. “The Repetto workshop recycles waste from the food industry, helping to reduce resource extraction”specifies the brand in a press release.

(ETX Daily Up)

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