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Refugees from Ukraine or elsewhere: the associations condemn the “differentialist policy” of the state

“The shelters for Ukrainian refugees are half empty: the state refuses to lead homeless people of other nationalities there”, hammering associations and NGOs supporting migrants in a press release published on Thursday, July 7. To get things moving, Médecins du Monde, Pantin Solidaire, Paris d’Exil and Utopia are inviting 56 citizens to join the fight during a demonstration to be held in Paris on Saturday 9 July.

The starting point of the march is not chosen arbitrarily. The procession departs from the Porte de Versailles, near the first reception center for Ukrainian refugees, to end in the prefecture of Paris and Ile-de-France. The target? Let the state admit that it refuses to receive refugees of other nationalities in these centers, which are now almost deserted.

In addition to the one in Porte de Versailles where: “Every night 300 and 500 places become available”other accommodation facilities “Also open exclusively for Ukrainian refugees at Bercy and Gare de l’Est”have closed their doors for good after the sharp decline in the number of refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

“Unjustified and unjustified difference in treatment”

“The State, which has already been asked about this, categorically refuses to receive vulnerable people from other countries. At the same time, however, several hundred people sleep rough. Families, pregnant women, unaccompanied minors and isolated men who should also enjoy appropriate protection.”

Press release from associations and NGOs

In its press release, the group bluntly denounces: “unjustified and unjustified difference in treatment” orchestrated by the government and commended the commitment and dedication of the associations and social workers who have worked to host thousands of Ukrainian refugees. Because instead of wanting to create a split between the refugees, the collective asks that the reception becomes universal.

“In order to ensure that the establishment of a dignified reception in our country is the rule and does not remain an exceptional measure, we call on the State to step out of this differentialist policy. The measures taken to welcome people fleeing the war in Ukraine show that “when we want, we can”.

The four associations ask two things for this:

  • that the shelters are made permanent and open unconditionally to all
  • that the free places that are now available there will be immediately available for people who live on the street

The demonstration will leave the Esplanade of 9 November 1989 (in front of the first Ukraine reception center) on Saturday 9 July at 2.30 pm. Visit here for more information.

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