Red Alert: Funny and tender, the latest Pixar aptly evokes the first period

Tamagoshi, Brazilian bracelets and boy bands… Red Alert, the latest film from Disney/Pixar studios, takes a dizzying dive into the horrors of adolescence against a backdrop of 90s classics. A film streaming straight to the Disney+ streaming platform released, without going to the cinema box. However, on social networks, Internet users continue to comment on the brutality of this feature film, which for the first time evokes the rules of teenagers.

It’s no coincidence, if red alarm describes with equal accuracy the twists and turns of a young girl of thirteen, it is good because it was directed by a woman. It also marks the first time a Pixar feature film will be directed by a solo woman in the animation studio’s 36th anniversary. A bit autobiographical, the film directed by Domee Shi (known for her excellent short film bao) tells of the torments of Mei Mei, a Canadian of Chinese descent, like the director.

Affected by a family curse, she sees an alter ego as cute as it is frightening growing inside her. When her first period comes, Mei Mei turns into a giant red panda. To regain her human form, she must learn to tame her emotions. A cheerful metaphor for the pains of adolescence. Between rebellion, sorority, self-acceptance and transference between women, Mei Mei will learn to stand up for herself and somewhat shake the pattern of her very traditional family.

If the film didn’t benefit from a much-fancied release in theaters, it still flagged internet users. Since its release on Friday, March 11 on the Disney+ platform, enthusiastic reactions have been pouring in, especially on Twitter. For the most part, women are delighted to see the topic of menstruation finally brought up in an animated film for the general public.


The topic of menstruation is still taboo. Democratizing it in a mainstream movie will be just as beneficial for young girls as it is for guys who are often unfamiliar with the subject…

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