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Recto Verso: an educational map to travel in France without burdening the environment

The French are traveling closer to home: the trend is towards wide open spaces and outdoor activities. As the slow travel is a godsend for the French economy and the climate, which is not always the case for nature. To combat the overpopulation of natural spaces, the media have the others has made an educational map to divide the flow of visitors. explanation.

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Nature is a victim of its own success

The others is an inspiring medium for lovers ofoutdoors, travel and photography. The editorial offers real alternatives to whirlwind airplane travel cheap : you will find travel guides by train, by bicycle or on foot. If the French have an increasingly pronounced preference for local adventure, natural spaces are victims of their success: the ” overcrowding of a small number of flagship destinations » can we read more the othersis ready ” at the expense of natural spaces, as well as the fauna and flora that inhabit them. †

Wild nature has become an object of consumption.

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Recto Verso: a tool to live the adventure, the real adventure

A few months ago, the media the others launched Recto Verso: an educational and fun tool for organizing cycling or walking tours. † On the front is a map of France with over 600 natural sites listed can be read on their website. On the back is a 7-step method to organize your trip step by step and become completely independent. The ecosystem is complemented by 100 community-recommended guides to get started, as well as a dedicated online platform to exchange advice and equipment or facilitate meetings between practitioners.† †

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Intended for those who want to spend more time outdoors, but do not have the time to organize their trip, Recto Verso is sold for a price of 40 euros. It is aimed at all profiles: athletes and non-athletes, those who have a lot of time and those who have less. It offers an infinite number of different routes and distributes travelers all over France.

A good idea, reminding us that we will only rediscover the taste for adventure on one condition: respect its support, the wild nature!

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