Qi Gong, a sports practice from China to gently get back in shape

Stop crunches, pushups, and other reps that raise the heart rate. To refine the silhouette, other sports practices exist. Like Qi Gong (pronounced “Tchi Kung”). This gentle and slow gymnastics is making a name for itself in fitness programs.

The movements are slow and the role of breathing is ubiquitous. Qi Gong is a physical activity straight from China whose use is known to work on physical fitness, breathing capacity and reducing stress. It is one of the five branches of Chinese medicine.

“Qi” refers to the control of breath and vital energy. The “Gong” defines the work. Qi Gong has been installed in France since the 1970s and is characterized by slow movements, synchronized with the breath.

During a session, the duration of which varies between 45 minutes and 1 hour, the practitioner performs exercises with a slow swing from one leg to the other. According to the philosophy associated with Qi Gong, the legs represent Ying and Yang. Breathing, slow and deep, accompanies every movement and evokes a meditative state.

This exercise is open to all physical conditions and falls into the category of mind-body exercises, the effects of which are felt on the mind and body.

Its benefits to the body are recognized by the medical academy to the point that Qi Gong is considered an adjunct therapy. The practice of Qi Gong can be done both in the context of fitness and in the guidance of people with disabling pathologies.

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