Producing carbon-free flat glass: the “engineering feat” of a factory in northern France

Producing 2000 tons of flat glass – especially for construction – and not producing carbon: that is the achievement of the Saint-Gobain factory in Aniche, in the north of France. As reported Le Figarothis one “technical achievement”according to Saint-Gobain’s director of technology and industrial performance, Benoit d’Iribarne, was made possible thanks to the material used: 100% recycled glass transformed with 100% green energy “produced from biogas and carbon-free electricity”says a press release.

While Saint-Gobain’s initiative is commendable, it cannot last in the long run. In question ? The lack of this “secondary raw material”, explains the daily Benoit d’Iribarne, which comes only from glass resulting from the demolition of buildings. Quality guarantee, unlike bottle glass.

This initiative is part of Saint-Gobain’s CSR approach. The company aims to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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