Practical, effective, ecological: cosmetic powders enter the bathroom

More ecological but also healthier powdered cosmetics are spreading rapidly in our bathrooms, now available in different and varied forms. From facial cleanser to shampoo, shower gel and scrub, the cosmetics industry is making powder its new beauty partner.

We knew cocoa powder, rice powder and even protein powder, but cosmetic powders were quite rare until then. They’ve made a few breakthroughs in our beauty kits here and there, without ever failing to consider themselves essential. Finally, that was before the pandemic completely disrupted the beauty habits of men and women around the world. Looking for a more authentic routine punctuated by clean and natural formulas, consumers first turned to solid cosmetics before discovering the many benefits of powder, which cannot be classed as perlimpinpin.

Another step towards zero waste

Tested and adopted by ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) enthusiasts, powder cosmetics have a zero water content, unlike conventional beauty products. It may sound trivial, except that water is usually the main ingredient in cleansers, masks, exfoliators, shower gels, and other beauty masks. So how do you enjoy the same effects? It’s simple, it’s up to the consumer to add the missing water to this powder full of active ingredients. A first advantage because it allows him to come up with a texture that is perfectly adapted to his needs and his skin type; something that cosmetics formulated for the greatest number do not necessarily offer.

Not content with being customizable, powdered cosmetics contain little or no preservatives, as there is no water, and many more active ingredients. As a bonus, globetrotters will appreciate not having to carry checked baggage, or be limited to just a few tens of milliliters, as a fortiori they aren’t liquid. And as icing on the cake, they are more environmentally friendly. Less bulky and less heavy, their logistics are necessarily less taxing on the planet, and they generate less plastic in your bathroom. Some more ?

All brands participate

While not all consumers appreciate the texture of solid cosmetics, powdered beauty seems like an ideal alternative to our traditional routine. At least she comes close. And all brands, or almost, already seem to be taking the plunge, from niche brands to the biggest luxury houses. Something that should facilitate its development in the coming months and years.

The Yanne Wellness, Yodi and Eyden brands offer many powder cosmetics, from revitalizing masks to exfoliating powders for purified skin, including shampoos and facial cleansers. Perlucine, a specialist in cosmetics based on white oyster shell powder, offers a wide range of these products, from shampoo to deodorant, including toothpaste and shower gel.

Luxury homes and consumer brands have also gone into powder form. This is the case of Dior with its Ultra Fine Radiance Exfoliating Powder, but also of Klorane with its 3-in-1 Purifying Powder that turns into a foam on contact with water. Note that other brands, such as, have opted for an intermediate form, with solid cosmetics that also become liquid on contact with water. This is the case with their shower gels that you can customize according to your taste and desires. In powder or solid form, cosmetics have really started their transformation so you can benefit from a zero-waste routine.

(ETX Daily Up)

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