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Abused by the ongoing processes and disrupted by the threats to come, most of humanity now strives for a better world where social justice and environmental protection would finally have become cardinal values. In order to respond effectively and honestly to these new demands, companies have decided to take the path of CSR. Their ambitions? Minimize the environmental impact of their activities and defend human rights wherever they take their responsibility. It’s time to give them a voice, set an example and showcase their practices so that they inspire everyone else. It is for these companies and their staff that: The Goodonomistthe new media powered by the POSITIVR teams, puts all its energy into it.

The Goodonomistit’s the first the best way to stay informed on CSR. It contains everything that is going on in the field: new initiatives, points of discussion, evolving regulations, appointments, new laws, new words and expressions that arise in discussions.

The Goodonomisit is also expertise† Our media want to make her columns very widely available to those who have CSR at heart in their position. Because she and she have thought long and hard about it, innovated, tried, succeeded or failed, their experience is invaluable. And we want to pass this experience on to you so that it enlightens your thinking and guides you in your choices. We give the floor to business leaders, CSR managers, employees, economists, sociologists, ecology professionals…

The Goodonomistthat is lots of advice and lots of inspiration† Our goal ? Respond as precisely as possible to the problems of companies committed to CSR. Do you want to encourage inclusivity within your company, defend the well-being of your employees, implement a fairer wage policy, fight harassment, work for professional integration, choose more responsible means of transport and production, abolish all forms of discrimination? Then you’ve come to the right place. For each of these problems and many more, our priority is to highlight concrete and effective solutions that have already been tested and approved by companies.

The Goodonomistfinally, it is a healthy dose of awareness and strategy† Consumer demands for ecology and social justice have become such that companies that don’t go along on the CSR train risk losing their springs. Conversely, those who climb into the front car have everything to gain. CSR should therefore not be seen as a limitation, but as a real economic opportunity. It is of course a social obligation, an ecological obligation of course, but it is also a unique opportunity to defend your company by attracting the public. There is only one trap to avoid: that of Wash dishonest and broken promises. Because CSR only makes sense if it is approached sincerely, with respect for the values ​​it embodies.

In this sincerity and these values ​​the journalists have invested The Goodonomist defend them daily with accuracy, independence and creativity.

The Goodonomist? The CSR media that align your professional ambitions with your personal convictions.

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