Polar bears have taken up residence in an abandoned Russian station: images that pose a challenge

These breathtaking images reveal the urgency to act. In Kolioutchine, a small Russian island in the Chukchi Sea, polar bears have taken over an abandoned weather station. One of the alarming consequences of global warming.

The melting of the ice continues and upsets the balance of the Arctic animals. Worse, it jeopardizes the future of these species, and more particularly that of polar bears. Example in northeastern Russia, where a group of polar bears has taken up residence at the Kolyuchin weather station. They took advantage of the absence of humans to occupy this dilapidated and abandoned place since the 1990s.

Last August, Dmitri Koch and other amateur photographers witnessed an unusual and disturbing scene while on a boat expedition. Their drone photographed a bear by the window, paws resting on the windowsill, like a human. A second waited outside the door, as if to welcome the guest. An impressive photo that won a National Geographic contest in 2021.

Watch (a signed video France 3):

Showing the urgency to protect nature, this scene is reminiscent of what is happening in Stromness, on the island of South Georgia. For several years now, seals and penguins have taken up residence in an abandoned whaling station.

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