PMA: Despite the law, associations denounce the obstacles faced by female couples

Associations for the defense of LGBT rights are calling for more resources and better care for couples of women who rely on medically assisted reproduction (PMA) to mark this Tuesday of lesbian visibility.

More than eight months after the promulgation of the bioethics law allowing couples and single women to resort to PMA, “Not all women have access to care in France yet, even if they meet the legal criteria”regrets in a press release the association Les enfants d’arc-en-ciel (EAC).

“Impossible to get an appointment, or in several years, limited age conditions”she explains.

The association also calls on the government to “arbitrary and illegal terms added by Cecos” (centers for the study and conservation of eggs and human sperm) as “lower age limit” compared to that determined by law or “the required proof of communal life”.

“Government underestimated demand”

Generally experienced lesbian women “great difficulties” during their PMA course, which can be explained by a “lack of resources, resulting in delays in deadlines”in abundance Matthieu Gatipon-Bachette, spokesperson for the Inter-LGBT association.

“Government underestimated demand”and the lack of gametes is felt in the extension of the deadlines, he laments. “We now need concrete resources, not only in equipment, but also in training” professionals.

The PMA, previously reserved for heterosexual couples with fertility problems or serious communicable diseases, was opened up to lesbian couples and single women by a bioethics law promulgated on Aug. 2.

Nicknamed “PMA for everyone”however, the law does not open up this medical training to transgender women, which the associations regret.

On Saturday, a second “lesbian march” took place in Paris, Lyon or even Pau. Beyond the political claims and related to the PMA, these women had a purpose: “can no longer be cast aside, due to lack of representation. We are not often put forward by our colleagues, so we learn to do it ourselves”explains AFP to a member of the Lesbian Liberation Collective, organizer of the march, who asked for anonymity.

“We are also political. We want to be heard”she stresses, while the international context, the absence of positions taken by certain countries “about conversion therapy” worry him. “MAP is not an acquired right, it is constantly endangered”


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