Peta challenges KFC to demand the introduction of its vegetable “chicken” in France

More and more fast food chains are adding vegan options to their menus. In early January, KFC announced that all its American restaurants will now offer a vegan alternative to the famous fried chicken. An initiative that has not yet seen the light of day in France. To remedy this, Peta performed a symbolic action in front of one of the board’s restaurants. A petition signed by more than 22,000 people was also sent to KFC.

On Wednesday, January 26, a giant “chicken” paraded in front of a Parisian KFC restaurant, sign in hand: “KFC: No more arguing! The French ask for vegan chicken! » The promotion, signed by Peta, aims to challenge the fried chicken giant over the lack of vegan offerings in its French outlets.

Faced with growing demand, KFC has already introduced plant-based “chicken” to its US and UK restaurants, in the form of burgers or nuggets. But none of these proposals has yet been launched in France. The French branch of the animal protection association Peta is calling for their introduction into the territory.

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To support its request, Peta also sent the brand a petition signed by more than 22,000 people. In a press release, the association recalled that: “66% of French people are willing to replace all or part of their chicken consumption with plant-based alternatives” and highlights the success of the 2022 edition of Veganuary.

According to Peta, more than 800 million chickens are raised in France for their meat and 80% are kept on intensive farms. “It’s time to change that”the organization says.

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