Over-consumption: Jean-Marc Jancovici shakes up influencers and calls them ‘sandwich men’

An emblematic figure in the fight against climate change, engineer and teacher Jean-Marc Jancovici gently but forcefully attacked influencers on LinkedIn. The reason ? He hopes to see their devastating attitude to climate and overconsumption changed.

He doesn’t mince words. It is on his LinkedIn account that French polytechnician Jean-Marc Jancovici, an emblematic figure in the fight against global warming, spoke about the dangerous behavior of influencers after an interview with Amélie Deloche, co-founder of the Paye- collective. , assigned to the Echoes: “In practice, these ‘influencers’ are sort of like ad management, except they’re less regulated than the latter (they can brag about alcohol, for example)”he went forward.

Amélie Deloche had underlined the significant impact of influencers on overconsumption, constantly promoting air travel and competitions involving thousands of products: “A collective – ‘Paye ton influence’ – has taken it upon itself to challenge these ‘sandwich men’ and ‘sandwich women’ of the modern age and ask them to pay a little more attention to the environmental aspect of what they promote”noted the founder of Carbone 4. Terms that may seem harsh to content creators, such as Léna Situations, Michou or even Squeezie, real queen and kings on social networks: “These are the influencers, a fancy term for high-tech versions of the sandwich man, i.e. people whose job it is to promote products or services.”

However, Jean-Marc Jancovici preferred not only to make comments like this, but emphasized the case of Vinz Kanté, an influencer accustomed to collaborations that eventually turned to ecology: “The “retraining” sometimes exists: Vinz Kanté, for example, has gone straight from advertising objects or services to… pure and hard climate activism [..] it is hoped that Vinz Kanté’s example will be followed by many others.”he pointed out.

“When will there be a mass of influencers who only talk about objects with a low carbon footprint and that ensure avoided emissions?”he concluded. Good question.

(ETX Daily Up)

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