Origami in the shape of a heart: a personalized and easy-to-make gift for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Are you looking for an original, personal and easy to make small gift to show your loved one that you have thought of her or him? So look no further. How about giving your loved one a heart-shaped origami with a personal message?

Do you like personalized gifts? Want to make something with your 10 little fingers to show your significant other that you’ve been thinking about him or her for this Valentine’s Day? We invite you to discover a little tutorial to make an origami in the shape of a heart that you can personalize with a small word of your choice. Look.

Video: Laetitutos

A fun gift that’s easy to make and sure to please the chosen one of your heart! Good turns!

Do you like origami and want to discover other tutorials? We invite you to discover and subscribe to Laetitutos’ channel on YouTube. Nicely observated!

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