Only a third of employees are aware of their company’s CSR policy

More and more companies have embarked on the CSR path with some of the very different objectives: aligning with the requirements of their industry, strengthening brand image, attracting young talent or retaining their teams. Issues: According to a Treedom survey, reported by the site paris posters, only a third of employees are aware of their company’s CSR policy. The rest therefore ignore their employer’s actions in the fight for equality, sustainable development or the protection of biodiversity.

However, employees want to know the internal kitchen of the structures they work for. 64% of employees want to be informed or learn more about their company’s CSR policy. This knowledge is important for employees. The survey shows that 67% of them believe sustainable development is an important factor when choosing a position, reports again paris posters

Majority of employees want to be proud of their company

“To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, companies must not operate in a vacuum, they must live and breathe it from within”analyzes Federico Garcea, founder and CEO of Treedom, a company that allows you to plant trees remotely. “Employees must participate in the sustainability process to have a lasting positive impact and stay competitive as a company by attracting top talent.”

CSR policy is indeed a good way to retain employees, according to the results of the survey. Half of employees say they want to be proud of the company they work for, while almost 3 in 10 people (29%) want to protect future generations from climate change. Finally, 24% of respondents want to have a positive impact on the environment.

There is no doubt when reading these results: companies must participate in concrete actions, but must also learn to communicate them to their customers, but also and above all to their employees.

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