On the eve of the first round, here’s everything you need to know about the April 9 “March for the Future”

On the eve of the first round of the presidential election, several organizations are calling on citizens to march for a highly symbolic “March for the Future” on Saturday, April 9.

“War in Ukraine, climate and health crises, explosion of inequality, rise in hate speech, sexist and gender-based violence… There are many reasons for discouragement and paralysis. A few days before the presidential election, they want us to believe that history has already been made.”we can read in the manifesto of this event, which has already been signed by more than 200 structures, such as Alternatiba, Greenpeace France or Oxfam.

“But it’s up to us to write it”, ensure that these structures are committed to preserving the environment, against inequalities or discrimination. How?’ Or ‘What? By marching on April 9 with the hope of “make the next five years one of justice, climate, equality and peace”

How do you find a meeting near you?

To assist citizens wishing to participate, a map of events (69 listed so far from Paris to Brest via Grenoble or Toulouse) has been posted on the march’s website.

How do you organize a walk near your home?

If a city near you is missing, you can also take the lead and organize a mobilization with or without the support of an association. Again, you will find a form to fill out on the website dedicated to the event.

Can we act now?

In order to make the battles of this march of the future visible, several organizations, such as Alternatiba, offer the whole week of “put the sauce on” on social networks to familiarize those around them with the march and to encourage as many people as possible to go there. The association is also looking for volunteers for people who want to be part of the organization of the walk and to ensure that it is run in the right direction. Go here to participate.

I can’t move: how to act remotely?

Raising awareness about climate change and social and economic inequalities is already a great action in itself! You can also ask your loved ones to participate in a rally on your behalf. With the help of social media, you can finally show your support for the movement with hashtags #WalkForTheFuture and #5ansdetrop

Finally, before, during and after April 9, you can participate daily in the battle featured during the March. How?’ Or ‘What? The possibilities are endless: join an association, act on your own scale, make a donation to an NGO that specializes in protecting the environment, the fight against violence against women, the shelter of exiled people…

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