“Nestlé and Ferrero are not above the law”: Foodwatch files complaint and starts petition

On Thursday 19 May, the consumer protection association Foodwatch France filed two complaints against Nestlé and Ferrero. The next item is the case of contaminated products from the two major agri-food groups. A petition has been launched to support both the legal action and the victims.

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Last March, Buitoni’s frozen pizzas led to 56 cases of E.Coli contamination. A newborn baby and an eight-year-old boy died. Soon after, Kinder recalled some of these products due to salmonellosis contamination. This time 80 cases of infection were reported, causing several children to become seriously ill. The two products in question came from the same Belgian factory.

Faced with this scandal, Foodwatch joins forces with the families of the victims and lodges two complaints against Nestlé and Ferrero in the health center of the public prosecutor’s office in Paris. It concerns seven criminal offences, including the “marketing products that are harmful to health, endanger the lives of others and aggravate deception. †

France info teaches us that it is also the silence of the two great groups that is being denounced: ” In both cases, we can read in the petition posted by Foodwatch, it was health authorities that had to sound the alarm in the face of a worrying epidemic spike. However, the warning should have come from the manufacturers. † Kinder would have discovered salmonella contamination as early as December 2021, without taking its products off the market.

“Together, we are asking the judicial system for full transparency, exemplary sanctions from Nestlé and Ferrero and fair compensation for the victims. No, Nestlé and Ferrero are not above the law”.

Foodwatch petition statement

To support the lawsuit and the victims’ families, please sign the petition.

Demanding greater transparency from large agri-food groups: a legitimate consumer wish.

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