Neighborhood disputes: what if my neighbor doesn’t maintain his garden?

Your neighbor’s yard is abandoned and you’re paying the price? Know that you have the right to intervene if this lack of maintenance harms you on a daily basis. We inventory the remedies with you possible

Let nature bloom? Yes, but on condition of respect for the neighbourhood

All ecologists will tell you: leaving your garden in the wild is a big help for biodiversity. Indeed, an unmowed lawn or untrimmed hedges are beneficial to the fauna and flora, especially at certain times of the year. However, it is still advisable to act with respect for the neighborhood. For example, if your house is insulated, you are theoretically free to let nature thrive in your yard. On the contrary, if you live in a residential area, you have to abide by the rules.

And it is not without reason that an unkempt lot can harm your neighbor. Indeed, your “weeds” can spread on the neighbor’s flower beds and their driveway, or worse, vipers can land on their patio. In France, this lack of maintenance is also one of the main causes of neighborhood quarrels.

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Can you force your neighbor to maintain his garden?

If it’s the jungle in your neighbor’s yard causing you damage (weeds or pests), know that you can take action. In accordance with article L2213-25 of the General Code of Municipalities, there is a maintenance obligation for gardens that are located in a residential area and/or less than 50 meters from a house.

How do you force your neighbor to clean up their land? There are several options available to you.

  • The first, fastest and most courteous is to go ringing at his door and ask him nicely.
  • The second you can send him a letter reminding him of his obligation to restore his appearance.
  • Third, if he doesn’t answer, you can contact the town hall to report the nuisance caused by the offending garden. The latter can then issue an order that compels the owner of the land to act.
  • Fourth, you can use the services of a judicial mediator try to find an amicable solution.
  • Finally, as a last resort, you can in court by contacting the local court.

Now you know how to react to fights. However, remember that your garden is home to an entire ecosystem that is valuable to the environment. So be indulgent with your neighbor or neighbor and also let you little corners in the wild state in your country.

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