Natural Termination of Pregnancy: Soon to Be Leave to Help Couples Overcome This Trial?

The natural termination of pregnancy is often a traumatic ordeal for the woman and her partner. To help the couple overcome the loss of the fetus, MP Paula Forteza . has has just submitted an ambitious, concrete and welcome bill.

Paula Forteza, Independent Green MP, knows all too well this feeling of loss, shame, emptiness and guilt. And with good reason, like 23 million women a year in the world, she experienced natural termination of pregnancy three years ago. An ordeal that made him realize how much this subject was still far too taboo in France.

“I realized I was not equipped to endure this ordeal. I felt alone, isolated, without concrete information. I knew not only the cause of this miscarriage, but also what was going to happen.

Paula Forteza, interviewed by the Obs

Today, Paula Forteza has decided to fight for better support and fairer care for women who are victims of natural termination of pregnancy. “A miscarriage is not a disease, it is a loss that comes with grief.”“explains them to” to chat

The member has just introduced a bill that will soon be examined by the National Assembly. One of the most important measures is the introduction of a special three-day leave for both the woman and her husband, as already exists in New Zealand.

“This leave is a way of officially recognizing this loss and its psychological impact on people going through it. It gives time to recover physically and mentally.”

As a reminder, this Sunday, March 27, a group of devoted women published a column in The world and a petition to challenge the taboo on fetal loss. For example, the signatories make eight proposals for better awareness-raising and support. In addition, they are calling on people to stop using the phrase “having a miscarriage,” which gives the impression that it is a voluntary act.

To discover Paula Forteza’s account, go here.

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