“My plate, my planet”, the exhibition that makes young and old aware of sustainable food

How can we feed nearly 10 billion people in the future without irreversibly affecting our planet? A far from simple question, but one that the exhibition “My plate, my planet” tries to answer. This event, aimed at raising awareness of the challenges of sustainable food among young people, teachers and the general public, will take place from April 1 to 9 at the Halle Tropisme in Montpellier. So make a note in your diary!

Visualized by the Occitanie Research Institute for Development (IRD) in collaboration with the UNESCO World Food Chair, the exhibition provides opportunities and elements to meet the challenge of global sustainable food. Different themes are covered, such as health, food and nutrition security, the ecological footprint of what we eat, the challenges and problems of agricultural production, innovations, etc.

The exhibition is presented in the form of 17 panels composing 3D drawings reflecting the latest scientific developments. The visuals are supplemented with excerpts from interviews held beforehand with about thirty researchers.

“The aim is to show the limits of the current model, the diversity of food systems and the interdependence between the different sectors involved. It also emphasizes the importance of our choices as consumers, but also of collective choices and in particular the public policies to be implemented.”describe the organizers in a press release.

This traveling exhibition is organized within the framework of “Planet aliment”, an interdisciplinary project of scientific mediation on the food of the world in the service of sustainable development. Her ambition is to travel “indoors, outdoors or online”.

(ETX Daily Up)

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