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My dog ​​or cat has been bitten by a snake: what should I do?

Heat waves and tall grass, here is the perfect combination to attract vipers, snakes and snakes to the garden. Like humans, animals are not immune to a reptile bite. In addition, Here’s how to react if your dog or cat has been bitten.

Bites of a viper: what to do?

How do you recognize a bite?

Snake bites wreak havoc from spring to fall, with a highlight in August† Now is the time to be extra vigilant! Because when it bites your dog or cat, the viper injects a poison that quickly (30 minutes to 3 hours) causes more or less worrisome symptoms: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, cardiovascular disease, hypotension, convulsions, paralysis…

The bite of a viper is distinguished by: two distant wounds about 1 cm resembling traces of hooks. Edema, bleeding or even necrosis may appear at the bite site. It is therefore necessary to react quickly as your animal may develop a severe allergy to the poison. An allergy that sometimes proves fatal.

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Reassure the animal

Has your dog or cat been bitten by a snake and is the pain felt intensely? The mistake would be to create a stir around him. And for good reason, the more stressed your animal is, the more its heart rate speeds up, promoting the progression of venom in the body. Stay calm and keep your four-legged friend close to you.

Clean the wound

To relieve pain and limit the spread of poison, apply cold water compresses or an ice pack wrapped in a cloth to the wound…provided your pet lets it go (which isn’t always the case, especially for cats). You can also disinfect the bite with an alcohol-free product.

urgent consultation

In front of avoid poison allergy, it is imperative to consult a veterinarian. The specialist will disinfect the wound with suitable products, immobilize one of the legs if necessary and prescribe medicines for pain and inflammation.

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Valuable gestures for your pet. Moving on, here’s how to keep vipers and snakes out of your yard naturally.

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