Mustard, broccoli, oyster: beauty companions with unexpected virtues

Two broccoli, a dose of mustard, a pinch of red onions… These foods are now the essence of the menu that is part of your new beauty routine. In just a few months, natural ingredients have become the stars of the bathroom, leading to quite unusual cosmetics with long unsuspected powers.

We thought that the kitchen and the bathroom were two very different spaces in our interior. There is (no more) anything. The food we are used to seeing on our plates is now the pleasure of our beauty kits, which take different and varied forms, from oil to skin care cream through shampoo, serum or even facial cleanser.

Nothing new on the horizon, you’ll tell us: The cosmetics industry has long relied on our pantry to help as many people as possible reap the benefits of most natural ingredients. Honey, olive oil, sugar, eggs or even lemon have always been considered beauty companions. But the return of this grandmother’s recipes, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for beauty actors, has sparked new crazes around more unusual ingredients. Overview.

Broccoli and its nourishing power

With a few exceptions, we can’t say they are unanimous with children – as with their parents – and yet broccoli has many benefits, especially for health. But what interests us here are the innumerable cosmetic virtues that are still unknown to the public. When they discover them, dry and sensitive skin can no longer do without, because broccoli oil has especially moisturizing and nourishing properties, both for the skin and for the hair.

Because yes, dry, damaged, even dull hair will really appreciate broccoli’s ability to make it shinier and silkier. Not to mention that this cabbage variety from Italy helps get rid of frizz naturally and facilitates detangling, making it an ideal shampoo and/or conditioner. It is also in this form that it is found at Unbottled, a brand known for its dedicated solid cosmetics, which combines broccoli, argan and green clay to make our hair shinier. La Compagnie des Sens opts for an organic virgin olive oil, while Freshly Cosmetics opts for a face mask made from charcoal, seaweed, clay and broccoli enzymes.

Mustard, an important ally of hers

It clears the nostrils, adds spice to some of our dishes and helps… promote hair growth. The hair benefits of mustard are still (too) unknown, yet it stimulates hair growth and also makes it stronger and more resistant. If hair masks with mustard (seeds or powder) have long been recommended – ouch, it stings – there are now vegetable oils, even shampoos, that do the job perfectly and allow you to take advantage of the same properties without disagreements.

But mustard seeds are also good for the skin. Not content with adding shine – ideal for a last-minute date – they are also an ally for mature skin thanks to their firming properties and action on the blood circulation. The brands WAAM Cosmetics, My Mira or MyCosmetik all offer oils completely dedicated to the beauty of hair and skin.

The purifying properties of onion

Another ingredient that is not unanimous in the kitchen, both for its taste and its ability to make the person peeling it cry. But here too it works wonders in cosmetics and it is gradually starting to invest in our bathrooms. Offered primarily in the form of oil, onion – and more particularly red onion – is the subject of growing interest from the cosmetics industry, and creams, masks and other serums composed of extracts.

If red onions are the most coveted by beauticians, it’s because they seem to be the variety richest in sulfur compounds, beneficial—again—for the hair, especially to promote their regrowth. But it also proves to be a perfect ally for problem skin, thanks to its purifying properties, helping to fight acne and reduce scars. Vegetable onion oil, which is still little on the market, is offered by specialist retailers and brands, as well as by the WAAM Cosmetics brand, which is definitely passionate about unusual natural cosmetics.

How far can the phenomenon go? It’s hard to say since consumers are so fond of natural cosmetics these days, formulas degrade as long as your arm stays in the background. And we know that the richness of nature is infinite. As proof, the Breton brand Perlucine now offers a whole range of cosmetics – for the face, body and hair – with white oyster shell powder. Not crunchy, but definitely tasty!

To test and possibly adopt.

(ETX Daily Up)

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