Montpellier: This Engineer Created an Odorless and Annoying “Fountain Composter”

Composting can be repulsive: in urban areas, decomposing organic waste stinks, there are sometimes rats, insects… To democratize the recycling of bio-waste, an engineer has developed a composter effective, odorless, environmentally friendly and fun that makes you want to get started right away: the ” fountain composter “. explanation.

Photo: Compost Motion

Rethinking the composting area

Arthur Jourdan has been thinking about it for ten years: developing an ecological and social solution for managing bio-waste. Thus he developed the “fountain composter”a rotating device powered by a pump powered by solar panels.

Practical, aesthetic and energy efficient, the first products of the company Compost Motion have been installed in Montpellier in two institutions for the disabled. For the media 6.39 pmexplains Arthur:

“The composter is managed by green staff. Every lunch they collect the waste of 200 place settings, load the waste and then we collect the compost for the vegetable garden. †

Arthur Jourdan for 6.39 pm

The idea is to rethink the composting area as a whole to democratize biowaste recycling on a large scale: at the heart of living spaces, it should be a maintained space,” Zen ” and ” user-friendly “. The condition sine qua non so people want to go there.

Compost at home or in the community

There has been talk of Arthur Jourdan’s innovation: the ” fountain composter won the silver medal at the Lépine competition and a prize from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Today, the Compost Motion company is working on several models for communities. It is also developing a retail model, which is expected to go on sale in 2024.

“Bio-waste is the cement of waste, when you take it out of the bin you only have what is recyclable, so you don’t have to take it out every day, it’s a huge gain, if only for the truck transport . »

Arthur Jourdan for 6.39 pm

Worms don’t scare you? In the meantime, you can always go to the vermicomposter!

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