Message to the inhabitants of Occitania, you are invited to list the fauna and flora of your garden

Insects, plants, birds… Our gardens are home to real treasures. To take into account all this wealth that surrounds us, the inhabitants of Occitanie are invited to participate in an extensive census. Goal ? Explore this biodiversity.

Do you have a garden and are you curious about all the fauna and flora that is hidden there? That’s good, that’s exactly what the Ecologists de l’Euzière and Nature en Occitanie associations offer with their ‘Treasures from my garden’ project. This census is intended for the inhabitants of Montpellier and Toulouse.

“The idea is to understand the ecosystem that lives in our garden.”

Camille Dyrda, of the Nature and Occitanie association, quoted by 20 minutes

Photo: Shutterstock

How to participate in the project?

It’s easy, you just need to have your own or shared garden and fill out the form here. You will have to observe, describe and share your discoveries all year round. And if you have the slightest doubt about a species or want to know more, you can invite experts. Purpose of this operation: to measure the importance of private and community gardens for fauna and flora. To date, 47 people have already participated in the project. In total, they made 281 observations and recorded 61 different species.

The data collected by the two associations will show communities the importance of these gardens to the ecosystem. Indeed, they provide new spaces for insects, birds and plants, allowing them to freely circulate and thrive within a territory.

You’re not from Toulouse and you’re not from Montpellier? You can still participate in this beautiful project alone, with family or friends. The most important thing is to get to know your little roommates! Discover some articles below to help you recognize the fauna and flora of your garden:

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