Mental load: Emma returns in drawings with concrete solutions for exhausted women

If you know the designer Emma, ​​you know that when she pulls out the pencils, it means she has a vital message to get across. The one who popularized the concept of ‘mental load’ a few years ago is back today with a series of well-touched drawings on this still-burning subject.

She depicts heterosexual couples with a similar pattern: Madame takes care of most of the household and family chores and Monsieur gets carried away, convinced to do his part. So far nothing surprising. But the whole point of these drawings is to give tools to those who want to change things within their pair.

In addition to exposing the social mechanisms that make these practices possible and socially acceptable, she proposes solutions to put an end to them: listing all tasks one by one, allocating them fairly, rewarding women for their domestic work and finally remedy, a pure and simple separation.

But because good drawings are better than beautiful speeches, you can discover his comic strip below (click on the image on the right to scroll through the signs).

And you, how is your Jean-Martin?

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