Mathis Bellon, 8-year-old motorcycle champion: Donating his organs saved five lives

One life lost and five saved. The disappearance of eight-year-old motorcycle champion Mathis Bellon is a tragedy. In tribute to their missing son, his parents made an honorable and courageous decision: to donate organs. A salutary act that is not in vain…

On July 22, 2022, Mathis Bellon, a motorcycle enthusiast since childhood, suffered a serious racing accident in Ala, Italy. The little boy, who had been in a coma for six days, eventually succumbed to his injuries in Montpellier hospital on July 28. For his parents, the painful issue of organ donation arises. Laurent and Aurélie Bellon are convinced that they agree with their son and eventually accept this gift.

“He was a generous little boy and I think if we’d talked about it, he would definitely have said yes to us.”

Aurélie Bellon, interviewed by TF1

[5 vies sauvées grâce à lui 💚]”He was a generous little boy, and I think if we had talked to him about it sooner…

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As a result of the accident, the young motorcycle champion was brain dead. All his organs were intact. It was therefore necessary to act very quickly so that this donation was not in vain. Thanks to the honorable decision of Mathis Bellon’s parents, five people have been saved. The little boy will be repatriated to his native island of Réunion on Friday, August 5, and a final tribute will be paid to him on Saturday.

A salutary gesture in tribute to this generous young driver.

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