London’s first museum dedicated to British LGBTQ+ history to open soon

The LGBTQ+ community will soon have a museum dedicated to its history in London. This new cultural institution should open its doors in the spring in Granary Square, in London’s King’s Cross borough.

This museum will occupy part of a historic building belonging to the British organization Art Fund. It will be run by Queer Britain, another charity that aims to preserve “stories and ideas” associated with Britain’s LGBTQ+ community.

This queer heritage, which encompasses all sexual and gender identities distinct from heterosexuality, is increasingly in danger of disappearing.

“Queer people have influenced every aspect of culture, but too often their lives have been written on the edge of the history books. Stories and precious objects are lost. Once they’re gone, they may never be found again. They deserve a special space to be preserved, explored and celebrated. »

Queer Britain

While the association has not yet announced the opening date of the museum, it has announced that it will include four galleries, a gift shop, offices and educational spaces. The public can visit it for free, although Queer Britain is encouraging donations to continue its mission of preserving and protecting LGBTQ+ heritage.

LGBTQ+ history comes to the museum

“The UK finally has the LGBTQ+ museum it deserves to reflect and celebrate all of our exciting and highly diverse communities, regardless of their sexuality, gender identity, background, abilities or heritage. The community lives in unity”, said Anjum Mouj, board member of Queer Britain.

It is the first time that a museum in the UK is fully devoted to LGBTQ+ history. However, British institutions such as the V&A and the National Museums Liverpool keep several items related to the queer community in their collections.

In the United States, a similar museum will open in New York in 2024 “a careful balance between the history of the LGBTQ+ community of [la ville] and national history, according to New York Times. It will join the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art in the SoHo district, whose mission is to: “Preserving, diversifying and making works of art accessible” by artists such as Winston Leyland, Wilhelm von Gloeden and Cheryl A. Traendly.

(ETX Daily Up)

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