Log in to iCloud on iOS. A complete guide

iCloud is cloud storage and belongs to Apple iOS. It is basically used to store data like documents, photos, music and much more on Apple remote server, and in this way all your data is backed up on all your devices. Using iCloud allows you to have your important files available for all your devices and another reason to use it is that if your device is accidentally stolen, you will get your data backed up on iCloud and have no worries access. have access to the data. Initially it is available with 5 GB of storage and further this can be easily expanded by paying a penny.

How to sign up for iCloud?

In order to use iCloud on iPhone or more related devices, it is necessary to create an Apple ID first. Later, this ID can be used to easily log in to various apps. The same is the case with iCloud, here too you must have an Apple ID as it is a requirement. So, below are the steps to help you create an account on iCloud easily.

  • Step 1: It is required to be running the latest version of iOS to achieve this Go to
    • Settings>General>Software Update
    • If an update is available, go ahead and install it
  • Step 2: Now it’s time to sign in to iCloud and after you sign in to iCloud, it will be turned on automatically and you don’t need to do anything more. So go to:
    • settings>sign in to the device with Apple ID>tap iCloud

Now your iCloud is successfully logged in

  • Step 3: Now it’s time to adjust the iCloud, to do this go to
    • settings>tap your name>choose iCloud>now choose apps to use with the iCloud

In this way you will be logged in to iCloud and you will use the apps under iCloud. Plus, your data will be synced on any associated Apple device without worrying about data transfer.

How to login to iCloud?

After creating an account on iCloud, it is now time to sign in to the iCloud account. There are several ways to login and those ways are discussed below one by one.

Log in to iCloud with Website

iCloud web helps access all your files, documents, etc. without having an iPhone available at the same time. It also helps in sharing any file with others, but the user that the file is shared with must have iCloud on their side. Below you will find the steps to log in to iCloud via the website.

  • Step 1: Open the web browser and go to iCloud.com
  • Step 2: Enter Apple ID, you can check “Keep me signed in” if you don’t want to enter Apple ID at another time.
  • Step 3: Enter password
  • Step 4: Press Enter to login

This is how you log in to the web version of iCloud.

Sign in to iCloud app on iPhone

  • If you’re willing to sign in to iCloud via iPhone, follow the steps below.
  • Step 1: Go to settings
  • Step 2: Tap on your name (if you haven’t created an account yet, create your account first)
  • Step 3: Now go to iCloud app

By following the above-mentioned steps, you will be successfully logged in to the iCloud.

Log in to iCloud via Mac

To login to iCloud with Mac, you can follow the steps below and hence you can login your iCloud easily.

  • Step 1: Choose Apple menu
  • Step 2: Go to System Preferences
  • Step 3: Click Sign In
  • Step 4: Enter Apple ID and Password
  • Step 5: After successfully login, click on the iCloud app

Do you have a problem while logging in?

There may be several problems logging into iCloud. If you are also facing a problem, then you will get the solution to all your problems from the problems below.

Forgotten Password

Forgetting a password is a common problem. If you also forgot the password, follow the steps below to recover it.

  • Step 1: Go to settings
  • Step 2: Tap [your name]
  • Step 3: Go to Password and security
  • Step 4: Go to change Password
  • Step 5: Follow on the screen and get the password updated

If your password is still not recovered, follow the steps below again.

  • Step 1: From here go to the Apple ID account page
  • Step 2: Click on “Forgot Apple ID or Password
  • Step 3: Enter your Apple ID
  • Step 4: Select the option to reset your password
  • Step 5: Choose Continue
  • Step 6: Choose from below options to reset password

Security question – If you previously set a security question while creating the account, choose this option i.e. “Answer security questions” and enter the correct answer to get your account restored.

E-mail – If you are willing to have your password reset by email, choose the “Get an email” option and get the password on your email that will help you recover the account easily.

Recovery key – If you have recovery keys with you, follow two-step verification to recover your password.

In the future, it is recommended to save the username and password in a separate journal so that you can get it at any time and not worry about it.

Network problem

If you are experiencing a network issue while using iCloud, such as unable to connect to the SSID or the network name is not displayed, follow the steps below to fix it.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Go to General
  • Step 3: Go to Reset
  • Step 4: Tap on “Reset network settings

In this way, your network setting will be reset and the whole network will be like new again. Now you can start working on networks without any problem and all connection issues will be solved.

Insufficient iCloud storage

iCloud holds so much data such as backup, photos, videos, documents and much more, as a result, the storage capacity drops out and covers the entire available free storage space. To deal with this, there are still two options: either buy the storage space (you have to pay a penny for this) or delete some data to have some free space. Since the former option is completely dependent on your decision and for the latter, we can do some steps below and free up some space as a result. So the steps are:

  • Step 1: Go to the settings
  • Step 2: Tap your Apple ID
  • Step 3: Select iCloud
  • Step 4: Tap Manage Storage
  • Step 5: Tap the app or game that is taking up more storage space
  • Step 6: Tap Delete data
  • Step 7: Tap remove

Regularly ask to log in

You may be asked to login frequently and feel tiring while entering the same username and password over and over, then here comes the solution to deal with this problem effectively. Find the solutions below.

  • Solution 1: Try restarting the device and see if that fixes the problem
  • Solution 2: Try signing out the device with your Apple ID and then sign in again
  • Solution 3: If it occurs on more than one device, there may be a problem with the iCloud and you can try changing your password to see if this fixes your problem
  • Solution 4: You can try factory resetting the device (this option is quite difficult to take as all your precious data will be completely deleted) as your device will be completely reset. This process does not guarantee that the problem will be solved, but there is a good chance that the problem will be solved.

iCloud Authentication Error

This error occurs when you enter the wrong username or password. To fix this error, you should try to recover the password or username by clicking the forgot password link or you can follow the recovery steps as described in problem one.

So it was all about the login guide and issues related to iCloud login. Every effort is made to provide the best working steps to deal with the login problems and login guide. Aside from the above-mentioned solutions, if you are still facing the problem, you can try to detect the one third-party app after installation that caused the problem. This way you can also solve your problems the most.

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