Les Verts Moutons: ceramic beads to put an end to plastic bottles

More than 15,000 plastic bottles are sold worldwide every second. To help consumers get rid of them for good, Laurence Beauvais created Les Verts Moutons, the first French brand of ceramic beads. Objective ? Democratize these pearls that improve the quality of tap water. Shine light on this zero-waste project from Japan!

That are you and what do you do

I spent my first professional life in journalism. At the same time, I have always been sensitive to environmental conservation and have been trying to adopt responsible behavior for several years now. The click came from the screening of the documentary tomorrow, by Cyril Dion and Melanie Laurent. I wondered what I could do concretely and positively as an individual to limit the damage.

I then thought of these ceramic beads that I had discovered through a Japanese friend and that I had been using for a few years. I thought it would be good to make them known in France. Plastic pollution really is one of the worst plagues what the planet is dealing with… not to mention that packs of bottled water are expensive to buy and weigh heavy when you have to take them home! I decided to do my “hummingbird share” by founding the company Les Verts Moutons.


Can you introduce us to the Green Sheep

The ceramic beads from the brand Les Verts Moutons are made of pure clay and a patented formula of about 80 strains of so-called effective microorganisms, which work in synergy. Unlike other water treatment solutions, they do not act as a mechanical filter but act directly on the structure of the water† The effective microorganisms pass on their effects to the “neutral” microorganisms of the water, so that they regenerate themselves and gradually neutralize the pathogenic elements, such as chlorine or limestone.

In this way they can restore the biological balance, improve water quality considerable. They also provide the water with a supplement of antioxidant microorganisms, which help fight hyperacidity and maintain healthy gut flora. Their instructions are extremely simple. just immerse the pearls in a carafe of water for 30 minutes so that it regains the neutral taste and finesse of spring water. And in a zero waste logic, they last ten years, without special maintenance.

Photo: ©Les Verts Moutons

How long do pearls last and how should they be cared for?

The enormous advantage of these pearls is that they lifespan of about ten years and their very large easy to use : you put fifteen pearls in the bottom of your carafe and you almost forget them! It is only necessary to ensure that they remain in permanent contact with water so that the regeneration process takes place continuously. On the maintenance side, you take them out when you clean your carafes, rinse them with clean water if necessary and put them back in the carafe, that’s it.

What is the difference with activated carbon?

Pearls are an alternative to Binchotan Charcoal but are much more interesting because of their ease of use and above all their durability. Because the problem with carbon is that it has to be replaced every 3 to 6 months. But above all, there has been such a trend in recent years that traditional Japanese production, based on holm oak, can no longer respond to it. As a result, there are a large number of counterfeits on the market from China, Laos or Indonesia, where the charcoal comes from other species grown with pesticides, while it is not just barbecue charcoal, which can be very dangerous.

Photo: ©Les Verts Moutons

Why did you decide to start? in this adventure?

I will answer you with a number: in the world it is sold a million plastic bottles per minute† It is a real ecological disaster. To fight against this pollution, I have decided to embark on this adventure, to propose an innovative solution clean, economical, sustainable and 100% natural at the same time, allowing people to confidently rediscover the joy of drinking tap water.

This water is drinkable in most cities in France, but often has an unpleasant taste. Pearls are real the simple eco gesture to take the plunge and abandon plastic. There are no contraindications, whether for children, pregnant women or people with a chronic illness. It is a completely natural process.

Are there other uses for ceramic beads?

Ceramic beads are not only for the improvement of tap water, but also for a whole range of others household use : food preservation, flower bouquets, maintenance of household appliances such as kettle, dishwasher, washing machine, etc., thanks to their effect on limescale. We condition them according to the use that will be made of them, in order to facilitate their use as much as possible: those intended for the washing machine, for example, are sewn in a very strong organic cotton bag, which goes directly into the machine.

We also offer a range of anti-tick collars for dogs and cats containing these ceramic beads, which prevent contamination in a 100% natural way, without chemicals. And we just got a collection of energy braceletscombining the virtues of ceramic pearls with those of certain fine stones used in lithotherapy.

Photo: ©Les Verts Moutons

What message do you want to go through Les Verts Moutons?

In the field of zero waste and the fight against plastic pollution, every gesture counts. In Europe, 70% of the plastic consumed is not recycled and ends up irrevocably in nature† Every plastic bottle we don’t buy is a small victory!

Where do you find your products?

In addition to our e-shop, we are distributed in several hundred points of sale in France and Belgium, such as Biocoop, La Vie Claire, Nature & Découvertes, etc.

you wish stop with plastic bottles of mineral water permanently † Visit the Verts Moutons website to view the ceramic beads

And to please our readers, Les Verts Moutons invite you to win a €50 voucher, valid throughout the site, with no minimum purchase, for a period of one monthby entering our contest below!

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