Lantmännen Foods launches 100% vegan oat protein concentrate, a first

We knew oats in porridge, in muesli or in the form of a drink, as an alternative to animal milk. But soon these cereals could also be made into thin slices, meatballs or even vegetable steaks. And that thanks to an innovation from Lantmännen Functional Foods. The Swedish company has just launched the first oat protein concentrate.

This product, called Proatein, is made from Swedish oats, certified GMO-free. It is rich in amino acids and has an average concentration of 55% protein. The Swedish company claims that this concentrate has a light oat flavor, is compatible with vegan diets and can be used to create protein-enriched vegan alternatives to meat, dairy or eggs. For foods that may need more texture, such as vegan burgers, Lantmännen Foods says that protein works well with pea protein. “Oats are no longer just for breakfast. It can now be used to make the vegan burger on your plate and the mayonnaise that covers it,” Lantmännen said. food navigator† One thing’s for sure, we’re not done hearing about these cereals yet.

Photo: Lantmannen Functional Foods

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