Lack of inclusiveness and reliability: Minecraft says no to NFTs

“Minecraft” said no to NFTs. Mojang, the Swedish studio behind the video game, does not want to allow or support the implantation of “non-fungible tokens” in the “Minecraft” universe. To explain his choice, Mojang evokes a lack of inclusiveness and reliability of NFTs.

With nearly 238 million units sold, the construction and adventure game “Minecraft” has all the ingredients to get started in the successful NFT business. However, his Mojang studio is heading the wrong way towards much of the video game industry, which is increasingly attracted to non-replaceable tokens.

In a lengthy press release on its website, the Mojang team explains its choice: “All Minecraft players should have access to the same features. These rules are intended to ensure that Minecraft remains a community where everyone can access the same content. NFTs can create patterns of scarcity and exclusion that contradict the spirit of our game”. The Mojang studio is also wary of the hacks, scams and frauds that are common in the NFT world, especially since the player base, mainly young, even very young, is more likely to be misled.

Here’s an early look at our upcoming guidelines regarding Minecraft and NFTs.

If you are a player or creator actively involved in buying, selling or trading NFTs using Minecraft, please read the information in the article below.

—Minecraft (@Minecraft) July 20, 2022

The publisher’s belief is pretty clear then, the NFTs don’t match his vision of the game, but certain projects of non-fungible tokens on Minecraft had already taken shape! The NFT Worlds platform provides virtual land in the form of NFTs that can be used on dedicated servers. It is also possible to obtain character skins or unique “mods” in the same format.

A difficult association

A cryptocurrency was even produced (WLRD) for a play-to-earn game project, where it was possible to earn tokens (i.e. money) every 30 minutes. This announcement caused a dramatic drop in the price of this digital currency with a drop of almost 65%.

While the decision is strong and concrete on the Minecraft side, the company isn’t completely inflexible on the blockchain: “We will also pay close attention to how blockchain technology evolves over time to determine whether it will enable more secure experiences or other useful and inclusive applications in games.”.

For now, games linked to blockchain or NFTs are struggling. One thinks in particular of “Quartz”, the game from Ubisoft, which already had a stop after 4 months. Other games to earn, these games where it is possible to raise money, have had their share of disappointments after the recent cryptocurrency crashes. In any case, Minecraft decides to take its time with the adoption of this new technology.

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