Jessica Watkins, first black woman to fly to the International Space Station

Photo: NASA

The International Space Station changes crews regularly. After following the adventures of Frenchman Thomas Pesquet on board, another astronaut has just taken over on Thursday 28 April. Her name is Jessica Watkins and she just made history. Indeed, it is the first black woman to fly to the ISS.

The US astronaut departed from planet Earth Wednesday to Thursday aboard a SpaceX spacecraft, as reported Edition† She is part of the Crew-4 mission and just arrived along with her mission comrades (Kjell Lindgren, Robert Hines and Samantha Cristoforetti) on the International Space Station this Thursday, as reported by NASA. A consecration for this geology enthusiast, fascinated by space.

“Being a NASA astronaut was something I had dreamed of for a long time, since I was very young, but I never thought I would ever get there. †

Jessica Watkins

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An example for young non-white girls

She was spotted by NASA in 2017 and underwent intensive training before being considered for a stay on the ISS. His arrival will go down in history. Because while black women have been instrumental in shaping NASA’s aerospace and space programs, none of them could have been part of a mission at the famed station until then.

“I think this mission is really a tribute to the legacy of the black female astronauts who came before me, as well as to the exciting future that lies ahead”, the key stakeholder stated at a press conference. We hope Jessica Watkins gets the ball rolling for a long list of names. At least that is his ambition. The astronaut wants to be a role model for young non-white girls so that they “can see an example of how they can participate and succeed”can we read? Edition.

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