It’s official, you will no longer receive advertisements in your mailbox.

If there is indeed one ecological scourge that is easy to eradicate in France, it is that of invasive advertising in letterboxes. To limit this waste, the government has just launched a system Baptized “Oui Pub”.

If you didn’t want to receive ads in your mailbox until now, you had to stick a label “Stop Pub”. A binding approach and followed by few French women and men. As a result, a whole pile of unwanted flyers was thrown in the trash.

To combat this advertising pollution, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, following the proposals of the Citizen’s Convention for the Climate, has devised a “reverse” device: an “Oui Pub” sticker reserved exclusively for those who send flyers at home. want to receive. In other words, the distribution of advertisements is now prohibited unless you have a visible sticker on your mailbox.

The operation will be tested from September 1, 2022 in 15 areas: Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole, Bordeaux, Greater Nancy Metropolis, the agglomeration of Agen, followed by the agglomerations of Troyes and Dunkirk from February 1, 2023. This system will last for three years, then assessed by an evaluation committee. Goal ?

Evaluate the impact of the experiment on the production and processing of waste paper, its impact on employment, the industries involved, consumer behavior, but also the possible difficulties in generalizing such a measure

Ministry of Ecological Transition, quoted by Konbinic

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