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INTERVIEW. With his film, Kevin wants to deconstruct the clichés about his first name

The golden age of the first name Kevin may have been short, but he leaves many traces. Often a source of ridicule, this first name is associated with a whole host of clichés that are difficult. To dispel these persistent prejudices, Kevin Fafournoux had an idea: to make a daring, militant and benevolent documentary..

Kevin Fafournoux is artistic director, motion designer and director. Like many men who bear his first name, Kevin has to deal with taunts and a priori people. Permanent mockery that is now considered a real form of discrimination. To make his documentary (currently in development), the filmmaker launched a crowdfunding campaign. meeting.

“The first name Kevin is a real social phenomenon.”

Photo: Neels Castillon

Why has the name Kevin become a source of ridicule over the years?

The name Kevin is a real social phenomenon. It started in the 1990s, with the emancipation of the working class who wanted to use American first names in connection with products that had just arrived in France, such as Kevin McCallister’s character in Mom I missed the planeactor Kevin Costner in dancing with wolves, singer Kevin Richardson of boy bands. Gradually, this emancipation of the working class was mocked and mocked by the “upper” classes, and when they noticed it made people laugh, the comedians added a layer, as with Ellie Semoun’s Kevina sketch.

But that is not everything. In the early 2000s, the advent of the Internet increased this phenomenon tenfold, with more and more articles with a humorous tone. Today this is still the case, there are memes, sketches, etc. The problem is that we run out of humor when there is discrimination. Through my film I want to deconstruct these clichés and stereotypes because in reality Kevin can be called rotting everyday life.

How did you experience your first name during your childhood?

Pretty good as far as people were used to, because at the time, this first name was a fad. For example, at school there were always several Kevins in a class. Growing up, in the 2000s, we were confronted with taunts. At the moment I’m not bothered by my first name, I’m rather stunned to see people’s reaction. I’m more reluctant to give my first name in a group phenomenon with people I don’t know because I’m afraid of a priori. Some guys even have trouble finding love or a job because of their first name!

What form will the documentary take?

It is a 52 minute documentary with a real reflection on the identity of the first name and the origin (go to Ireland to discover Saint Kevin of Glendalough, it is the second most important saint after Saint Patrick). I also want to go to Germany because it is a country where the first name Kevin is really underestimated. There is a fashion phenomenon called “Kevinism”, which consists in giving your child an exotic first name with a different sound and which could cause him problems in life. It’s pretty crazy, but it exists!

i wish too give the floor to the Kevins so that they tell about their experiences at work or in their love life (because girls have a lot of preconceptions about this first name). Finally, there will also be meetings with specialists, such as sociologists, to talk about values ​​that are deeply rooted in our society.

If you haven’t joined the campaign yet, it’s not too late! You can always make a donation to contribute to the success of this inspiring, combative and benevolent documentary. And if your name is Kevin and you want to share your experience, you can join the adventure by contacting Kevin Fafournoux on Instagram.

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