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The young French shooter Fruggr has just released an application of the same name to the general public. His principle? Measure the carbon footprint associated specifically with the use of your smartphone.

Have you ever wondered what impact using your smartphone has on the environment? The application “Fruggr” answers this question. The application, entirely intended for smartphones (iPhone, Android), was developed by the Breton company Digital4Better and allows to obtain an environmental impact score related to the digital activity of its smartphone.

“This score is seen as a global benchmark, following the same logic as the Nutri Score for food: it aims to raise awareness among the general public that clicking or watching a streaming video has an impact on the environment »the company explains in a press release.

Initiate changes

Inspired by the principle of frugality, this application is not designed to make you feel guilty for not leaving your smartphone for more than two minutes, but rather to guide you towards more responsible use to reduce environmental impact .

“We want to offer a total solution to measure impact and, above all, to improve its use. Measuring is the first step that we hope will lead to collective awareness and allow us to question our use. By offering concrete solutions to our users, our goal is to initiate behavioral changes.”says Frédérick Marchand, co-founder of Fruggr.

Three measurement indices

Three measurement indices are proposed. The first makes an overall assessment of the environmental cost of your smartphone, taking into account criteria as broad as manufacturing, standby time, and the data hosted on it.

The other two indices (social and sobriety) relate more specifically to your consumption habits on your mobile. For example, the time of use, the number and type of applications downloaded or the frequency with which you connect to WiFi (less energy than 4G or 5G).

Founded in 2020, the company Fruggr specializes in supporting companies that want to reduce their environmental footprint. With this application, it is also aimed at the general public, thus surfing the trend of platforms that help us measure the CO2 impact of our daily products and practices.

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