Info or intoxication? We make an inventory of the tips for storing fruit and vegetables.

Let’s admit that the Chinese social network has something to surprise us with its countless tips and tricks, as incongruous as at times confusing. Take fruits and vegetables. TikTok has tips for keeping them longer. And some are so unique that we at Interfel, the association that represents all fruit and vegetable trade, wanted to find out if they were fake hacks. Answers.

Do tomatoes need to be turned to keep them longer?

It sounds crazy, but this gesture is confirmed by Interfel (interprofessional association of fruit and vegetables), subject to a detail.I think the advice might be interesting if the tomatoes no longer have a stem. Indeed, it guarantees their freshness because they continue to extract juices even after harvesting, but for a short period of time” explains José Loureiro, dietitian. To optimize this trick, you should also choose your tomatoes carefully at the time of purchase by checking flexibility, firmness, density, fragrance, and shine. You can also refer to all tips from Interfel about this subject.

In any case, never keep your tomatoes in the fridge. “The cold neutralizes their smell and taste. They can be kept for about three to four days in a fruit basket. After that there will be water loss, especially through the stem” emphasizes the health professional.

Can we really wrap the stems of bananas in paper so that they ripen less quickly?

The answer is yes. “By wrapping their stems in cellophane or aluminum, we limit the access of ethylene and delay ripening”, reveals the dietitian at Interfel. The latter indeed reminds us that the banana is a so-called climacteric fruit, ie it ripens after picking. The health professional still wants to give details for better preservation: “good ventilation, a temperature between 20° and 25° and distance from other climacteric fruits seems to me to be expected”.

Do vegetables submerged in water and kept in the refrigerator really stay better?

This trick is strongly discouraged. Indeed, all the bacteria present on the skin of avocados can multiply in the water. Listeria monocytogenes (responsible for a disease in humans and animals called listeriosis) has the ability to infiltrate the heart of the pulp within fourteen days. Unfortunately, the avocado is not the only product that is stored in this way. So we forget about this false good idea!

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