In Wallonia, owners of empty accommodations have to pay

Leaving an empty house is now a criminal offense in Wallonia. This measure was approved by parliament on Wednesday 26 January and its entry into force is scheduled for September 2022, we read in the newspaper The evening.

“Leaving a building or part of a building intended for housing empty from now on is punishable”the Walloon Minister of Housing stated to the newspaper, Christopher Collin. “This measure has been expected for 10 years. In a few months we will be able to put a few empty units back on the market. »

The Walloon government therefore wants to fight against poor housing. In particular, managers water and electricity distribution networks will be able to pass on the consumption of homes to the Walloon municipalities “suspects”reports again The evening. If these homes consume less of fifteen cubic meters of water per year or less than one hundred kilowatt hours of electricity per yearthey are considered unoccupied.

A fine between 500 and 12,500 euros

As a result, local authorities may consider proceedings “classics” (negotiation or taxation) or take legal action against the owners of these vacant properties. Results ? At the request of a municipality or an association, a judge may order: “any useful measure to [d’]ensure occupation [du logement] within a reasonable time”.

Owners held responsible for a violation of the law may be sentenced to pay a fixed fine between 500 and 12,500 euros per accommodationaccording to various criteria such as the surface of the house and the number of months of vacancy.

This measure recalls the importance of the right to housing for everyone.

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