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In this hair salon, the price is determined based on the length of the hair, not on the genre

Here we forget the “men’s cuts” and the “women’s cuts”. In this inclusive hair salon, prices are determined based on hair length, period. A distinction that wipes out an entire system that has long been very unfair to women.

In Tréguier in Brittany, women with short hair have something to celebrate. After all, in the salon of Nicolas Das Neves Pinto they pay the same price as men with short hair. If this seems obvious, it’s a minor revolution in the hairdressing world where price injustice seems institutionalized. From now on, customers will pay the same price as customers for the same service.

Four prizes are thus determined in this fashionable salon: cutting short, medium, long or very long hair. Interviewed for this client by the telegram, this means a saving of 10 euros per haircut. A significant difference is welcome. Men with baldness on their part also benefit from an adjusted rate thanks to the “crown cut”, the cheapest of the scale.

Discover this signed report the telegram

In Tréguier they launched an inclusive hair salon!

💇‍♂️💇 Men and women pay the same price, it’s the length of the hair that matters! In Tréguier, a hairdresser decided to create an inclusive salon. It is the third in France and the first in Brittany!

Posted by Le Télégramme on Thursday 14 April 2022

In addition to righting an injustice, Nicolas Das Neves Pinto hopes to create a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of their gender identity.

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