In the United States, IKEA continues its second-hand program

After testing its second-hand “Buy Back & Resell” program last summer, IKEA announced it would make it permanent at its 37 US locations. The principle: customers who are no longer satisfied with their furniture can resell it to the Swedish giant in exchange for a discount coupon.

Subject: Swedish brand furniture fully assembled and functional, such as cabinets, tables, desks, bookcases or even chairs and stools. Beds, sofas, mattresses or even decorative accessories, leather products and lighting are not affected by this program, specifies Forbes

Second-hand furniture returned by the Swedish giant’s customers will be sold in establishments next to exhibits in search of a second life. IKEA therefore wants to make its customers aware of waste, but encourages them in a different way to consume new products in its branches. An environmental strategy that therefore has its limits for a company that has committed itself to be a player in the circular economy by 2030.

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