In Germany, McDonald’s is launching a vegan McFlurry with KitKat chocolate

The sunny days are back… To refresh as many people as possible, McDonald’s has decided to launch a new product in Germany: vegan ice cream. The fast food chain has just unveiled a new chocolate ice cream, 100% vegan, that can serve as the basis for a McFlurry or a Mc Sundae. This can be ordered with other vegan toppings, such as vegan KitKat waffle pieces and strawberry topping. But it is quite possible to opt for a vegan base and non-vegan toppings. Purpose: to show “that an essentially vegan diet is not always synonymous with giving up”indicates the sign.

“Vegan and vegetarian dishes have not been a niche trend for a long time – and we as a brand want and will continue to develop in this area. Improving also means breaking new ground – for our company and our planet”said Susan Schramm, Marketing Director of McDonald’s Germany, in a statement.

According to the specialized media vegetarianthese new vegan ice cream options will remain permanently in McDonald’s restaurants in Germany.

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