In Finland, a city offers its population to calculate the carbon footprint of its mobility

The city of Tampere, in Finland, is experimenting with an application that will allow each resident to calculate their carbon footprint and get advice on how to travel more sustainably and healthier.

This project, led by the city of Tampere, the University of Helsinki and the economic research institute VATT, should last until May 2023. It takes the form of a carbon footprint mobility calculator integrated into the city’s mobile app. Depending on the travel behavior of users, it stimulates the population to travel more sustainably, depending on the case by public transport, on foot or by bicycle. These posts also highlight the health benefits of these more active forms of travel. The idea is therefore to be able to work quickly towards the city’s goal of CO2 neutrality.

Just launched, the mobility carbon footprint calculator already counts a little more than 1,000 users per month† However, the more this number increases, the more valuable statistical data the municipality will have for better traffic planning and the development of a more comfortable city. Please note that all this data remains anonymous.

The Tampere.Finland app is available for free download by city residents on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS). In addition to calculating their carbon footprint in terms of mobility, the user can take advantage of many other useful services, such as public transport routes and timetables, practical information about available parking spaces or the events calendar in Tampere.

(ETX Daily Up)

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