“I wanted to do something more”: Thomas Pesquet at the wheel of a humanitarian plane

Before becoming an astronaut on the International Space Station, Thomas Pesquet was an airplane pilot. The astronaut took control of a device on Wednesday April 13 during a very special operation. Indeed, the astronaut has left for the Central African Republic with only one goal: to bring food and medicines to this country controlled by armed groups.

This flight was orchestrated by Aviation sans frontières, an association sponsored by the pilot. Before this humanitarian operation, Thomas Pesquet explained that he did not want… “give only” [son] image, or provide statements of support”† No, Thomas Pesquet wanted “do something more”he explained during a press conference, with the theft, reports France news

The NGO shared on its Twitter account a snapshot of the crew for the plane, a Cessna Grand Caravan:

The deployment of an aircraft was necessary for this humanitarian operation. “The aircraft makes it possible to eliminate grooved bush tracks and roadcutters”that is, people who prevent motorists from passing and attacking them, added the head of the air operations of the association, Jean-Yves Grosse, for his part.

For security reasons, Aviation Sans Frontières did not specify which route Thomas Pesquet would take, or whether he would go to the Central African Republic, where food and medicine should be delivered.

The association now has two aircraft. The first, driven by Thomas Pesquet, has just come out of the garage, but the second is at the end of its life. The NGO is therefore trying to replace her. But for that she needs 1.5 million euros in donations.

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