Humiliated for his love of wood, this young boy becomes a star after a solidarity tweet

Passion for carpentry at age 12, isn’t it cool? Mocked by his comrades, this young Brit sees the trend reversed after a solidarity tweet from his father. Since then, he has raised more than £253,000 for one of his creations, an amount he plans to donate to the Save the Children Ukraine humanitarian association.

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Gabriel Clark wasn’t expecting much: when the Just Giving fundraiser started two weeks ago, he had a goal of £5,000. An amount well exceeded today: his bowl in the colors of Ukraine has raised more than £253,000 to date. A project that moved the British press and sparked a wave of solidarity on social networks.

“I’ve always had a real passion for wood and taught myself everything I knew.

Gabriel Clark for People

Originally, Gabriel was a twelve-year-old boy who taught himself carpentry. A passion that caused him to be humiliated by his classmates who mocked his Instagram account and its 6 subscribers. His father shares his son’s disappointments on his Twitter account and invites his network to support his son by following his Instagram page.

In a few days, this tweet unleashes an unexpected wave of solidarity: ” Gabriel’s Instagram followers skyrocketed to hundreds, then thousands teaches us, demotivatorWithin days, that number skyrocketed to more than 225,000 and more than 20,000 orders for its handmade bowls and cutting boards.

Unable to honor so many orders alone, Gabriel decided to make a unique piece in the small workshop in the family home: a bowl in beech wood in the colors of Ukraine. It is this piece that is now the source of fundraising. A donor drawn at the beginning of the week will soon become the proud owner of this beautiful handicraft. The collection will remain open until Saturday!

A wave of support that shows us social networks in their best light!

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